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Dalerien replied to the topic 'Introduce Yourself / Faces of SoN!' in the forum. 1 month ago

Hello All... I hope to meet many of you in game!

Name: Eric (Dalerien)
Age: old enough to be retired
Occupation: Retired Entomology Researcher, now Personal Trainer
Hobbies: Gaming, Fishing, Photography, Exploring
Music: Almost anything but Rap.... and Opera
Favorite Food: Meats
Spouse/Married: Married to Kristina (Eiblyn)
Biggest Accomplishment: Survival to date
General Outlook on Life: There is Something Funny in Everything
Education: University Graduate
Sports: Football, Baseball, Golf, Fishing
Random: Love to cook and eat!
Physical Location: Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

Drakore replied to the topic 'Introduce Yourself / Faces of SoN!' in the forum. 2 months ago

Name: Jon (Drakore)
Age: 33
Occupation: Stay at home dad/side jobs.
Hobbies: Gaming.
Music: Stuff that people thinks summons demons
Favorite food: Pizza
Homepage: None
Spouse/Girlfriend/Boyfriend?: Married
Biggest accomplishment: Having kids. Not really sure pretty low key guy here.
General outlook on life: Pretty much chill and full of sarcasm.
Education: High School.
Sports: Nope
Random: Something random about me? I can make fart noises laying on the floor with my back like people do with their armpits.
Physical Location: Western Massachusetts, nope I am not from Boston.

Ghostory created a new topic ' Middle-earth Tavern' in the forum. 3 months ago


Dust yourself off and grab a pint at the bar. The tavern has booked some great music for the evening. Check out "Middle-earth Tavern" on the music streaming application Spotify (free version available if you don't mind listening to some advertisements).

Every track is hand selected and each carries a sense of adventure. 10 hours of material, over 150 tracks and dozens of artists. Over 250 followers, including the LOTRO Community Manager Cordovan and the Tolkien Society Award Winner for Best Artwork 2016, Tomas Hijo.

Now for some pipeweed and a spot by the band.


jephosmispir thanks user 'Alidil' in the forum message ' Rejoining the LOTRO kinship?'. 3 months ago
Alidil replied to the topic 'Rejoining the LOTRO kinship?' in the forum. 4 months ago

Many wander but are never lost.

If your still in the kin then you're still a member good sir, As for the forums. Benj trimmed them up a bit about a year ago so the extra ones are either gone or on

Civrot created a new topic ' Rejoining the LOTRO kinship?' in the forum. 5 months ago

Good day to everyone,

My name's Victor, and I used to be part of Sons of Numenor before I took a very long hiatus from LOTRO.

just checked my account and my character is still with the Kinship, but I'm not sure if I'm in good standing with the Kinship because I remember quitting gaming for a spell due to burnout (and trying to figure out how to actually make a good build with the talent system) but forgot to mention absence.

Despite my character being in the kinship, I also lost access to the forums because of my more than year-long absence.

Is it still possible for me to remain within the Kinship and become a member again?

Anyway, Hello again to everyone. I'd really like to continue the story with my level 73 warden. :D

greenhorn thanks user 'Tessariel' in the forum message ' Delete or archive, please'. 5 months ago
Tessariel replied to the topic 'Delete or archive, please' in the forum. 5 months ago


Don't worry about it when you don't get a response from others. The forums are fickle when it comes to responses so it's not you trust me on this. What happened in your situation with that FP happens more often than you think and across many different games. People can be jerks and really don't care if you get hurt. The thing is feel free to vent but for your sake ignore them. It'll make you happier if you do that. Plus if you do need things run just post here or ask Benjimir to put out a note to those of us in those games.

Amarii is one of our active players in SWTOR on both sides. I can contact him and let him know you need someone to run FPs. I can log in too but I'm so rusty on the stuff that it'll be a sharp learning curve for me and probably a few others that have taken a long break from the game.

SWTOR took a hard left on where they took the game from being a grouped MMORPG to a solo mode with the last expansion. It kind of killed the friendliness of the community as a whole. If someone is a jerk to you next time just leave the group or report them for their toxic behavior.

When the game started I had one player tell me to go kill myself. That guy was removed quickly. So the system works. :)

Tessariel replied to the topic 'New Gondorian housing plans?' in the forum. 5 months ago

A few people have been asking why the restriction on the kinhalls when there's none on personal housing with this premium store bought house. It seems kind of ridiculous to me and I've even asked why on their facebook page. I plan to ask or join in the chorus of those who have already said it.

The restrictions on the non subscribed is stupid too because technically they could spend the money on the house but not be a subscriber. Whoever thought of this didn't really think it through well. Plus there are glitches in regards to buying chest spaces for the kinhalls and lord only knows whatelse.

I'm with Benjimir on the wait and see approach for now. Plus there's bound to be some sort of 'sale' on this or the Mithril Coins again.

Benjimir replied to the topic 'New Gondorian housing plans?' in the forum. 5 months ago

From what I’m learning, non-Kinship members can visit the house provided permissions are set. However Kinships are still restricted to a single hall, which means to get one in Belfalas we would have to abandon the home we’ve had since 2009. That does not sit well with me at all, especially since it is the most accessible to all levels of our membership in terms of purchasing homes in the homestead, travel to and from it, and so forth. Plus we own the majority of personal and Kinship halls around it. It also complicates matters due to our already having “placeholder” kinships in use to hold onto our Thorins, Shire and NG’s current homestead in Ered Luin. From a Kinship lore standpoint, having a “Sons of Numenor” titled hall would not work either, not that I hold anybody or anything tightly to that as a practical matter.

Since this is mostly a moot point given the exhausted supply of halls. When I do this I am also looking to buy two kinship halls and at least a couple of personal halls. None of that will happen any time prior to the new year.

What we should do is save time and money and see how the glitches and other new system launch issues play out. I know that isn’t the “cool kids” and early adopters way of things but if we’re going to do it, we ought to do it “right.” Plan, prepare, know who wants what, where, etc. Even consider weighing coordination to taking a whole homestead to those with clearly long-term affiliation or intentions of being with us. What sucked about Tammere was having a lot of folks buy then drop the game over a few years. Or not being able to control the high-value kinship halls entirely. Even NG lent us access to two only to disband or move one kinship without warning and now we have some scab squatting in our town.

Tavarhin replied to the topic 'New Gondorian housing plans?' in the forum. 5 months ago

Sounds good to me.

I think it's unfortunate they've restricted Premium housing in such a way that might prevent non-subscribers from accessing or even visiting, as the area itself is quite breathtaking and well concieved. If nothing else, I can offer my opinion on where I think are good areas and what they can be used for.


Benjimir replied to the topic 'New Gondorian housing plans?' in the forum. 5 months ago


I’ve just returned from vacation and am getting up to speed on the housing changes.

My early understanding is that Kinships are forced to give-up existing kinship halls in order to obtain a premium hall. I’m also unclear as yet on details such as the ability of non-members to visit the locations, as also is an open question with regard to personal houses.

With the early land-rush I’ve been told all current kinship halls have been obtained as well which doesn’t bode well for getting one at all.

My initial thought is that I may wait until after the new year before taking a position on anything. Turbine seems to be in a minor state of chaos responding to the objections and concerns prior to and since launching the update. It would be wise to hold off and await a more stable state and make our push with a fully planned approach.

Tavarhin created a new topic ' New Gondorian housing plans?' in the forum. 5 months ago

Hi all.

I'm in a position to buy a Luxurious house and was wondering if SoN had plans to move into a particular neighbourhood? The Guild housing islands are spectacular and fit the theme of the Kin particularly well.


greenhorn thanks user 'Tessariel' in the forum message ' My experience with a tac flashpoint...'. 5 months ago
Tessariel replied to the topic 'My experience with a tac flashpoint...' in the forum. 5 months ago

I'm going to be very very blunt about this...But don't communicate with people like this when they've already put you on ignore. You're asking for trouble and at this point they can somewhat nail you for harassment. Your actions reflect the guild in that game as it would in any other game. Be the better person and just walk away. Put the person on ignore now and just leave it alone.

greenhorn replied to the topic 'My experience with a tac flashpoint...' in the forum. 5 months ago

Just logged in back and got Tirwan's reply. He/she is so hurtful. Doesnt even believe me and called me a liar. Its breaking my heart, so Im feeling sad right now. Hurt. Im being honest, and he/she doesnt even care or believe me. So Im not talking to him/her anymore.

Tirwan is probably a twelve year old jerk playing in his mommy's basement and doesnt even do his/her homework or do any RL stuff.

I get hurt. I dont cry or go boo hoo, but I get hurt by players like Tirwan. Im trying not to let it bother me, so Im considering putting Tirwan on ignore too. I dont want to be an arse, but maybe I should?

greenhorn created a new topic ' My experience with a tac flashpoint...' in the forum. 5 months ago

Hey. So, I played Aescun for a bit on the imp side. She's my Sith Warrior. Do any of you know or passed someone named Tirwan? He/She is a level 65 Sith Marauder. Don't know if you did or not, so please forgive me if I said anything offensive. Tirwan is an asshole and has my SW on ignore.

First off, I didn't know they changed too much of Flashpoint runs. They all are tactical now, you know? HS is now level 65 instead of the regular level 15 and is no longer soloable. Same with all the other runs. Basically, Bioware and EA screwed up huge and I was mentally unprepared for it. I got mad and got into a fit. I was fine with the rest of the run, but Tirwan tried to group kick me from the tac run. He/She failed, so I was thankful for the second chance to prove myself. End of the run, Tirwan remains unchanged and continues to be an asshole about it. Puts me on ignore. That pissed me off. It peeved me off that i wanted to strangle his/her Sith Marauder. I was the Sith Jugg.

I was also used to that 2 DPS, 1 tank and 1 healer format, so I was mentally and physically unprepared for that level 65 HS run that should have been level 15 or by my current level which is level 32 currently.

Since Tirwan put me on ignore, I wasn't able to talk to him/her. So I went to my second character, my BH cathar named Garuda-x. I pretended to be Aescun's friend and emailed Tirwan. And I thought it better to play safe by being a friend to Aescun than tell him/her who I was. I don't like confrontation, especially if the person has to be a dick about it.

Anyways, email is a better format than a whisper. Trust me. Emailing is better and more personal. I tried to be nice and convince Tirwan that Aescun isn't like that. However, Tirwan continued to be who Tirwan is, currently. Yup. Anyways, after about three email conversations and no change, Aescun still ignored, I said "Alright! Have a nice play and a good weekend, mate!" After that, I feel a hell lot better, considering I just talked to someone about the issue. It works. Really. Cause not once I called Tirwan an Asshole in his/her face. I was cool about it. Also, I fear that Tirwan now has Garuda-x on ignore as well. Not that it matters, cause really, I don't care. As long as I emailed him/her and felt better about it. I'm weird, but sometimes when I dont like feeling what im feeling right now, i just wanna talk to people. Get into a conversation or a whisper. Sometimes it helps when I talk to someone when im mad and they talk me down cause its really easy, especially if that person says "Its not worth it." Cause its not. I understand that part. Its not worth getting upset just cause a player decided to be an arse...

So, there you go. I felt like sharing, so i shared it. I'm the guy who appreciates talking to people cause if people be dicks toward me, I feel like getting upset. I get uncomfortable and lost like I dont know what to do, and it's scary. So I have to breathe and think about what I should do next. Just, you know, me not being an arse because its not the right thing to do. Because I considered calling Tirwan an ass via email or whisper. That never helps.

Also, for the future, if I want to do a tac fp, I would rather do it with guild mates or friends than alone. They really need to bring back group flashpoints requiring 2 dps, 1 tank and 1 healer because I was so used to that. I loved that. I miss it now. But yeah, that tactical run for HS is my last and I will only do those with friends who know me and guildmates, because I cannot handle people being shitholes toward me. I just wont tolerate it. Period. That's how I feel.

Be happy. Smile. Just, you know, have fun wherever you go or however you play. Its never worth it getting mad over nothing, and if that person has to put you on ignore just because of one bad run you had, screw em. You live and learn. I learn from my mistakes and I move on to the next. I don't ever put bad players or basically any players on ignore, because its not worth it. Im not putting myself below their level. So, I hardly ever put people on ignore.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you have a great day and weekend :)

Tessariel replied to the topic 'Hello once again' in the forum. 5 months ago

Yep you do. They are part of the main scenario questline. Your first one would be Satasha.